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Ever wondered what it's like to be blind?

We hosted our first "Ask Me Anything" event on Friday, December 8 on It resulted in many questions about what it's like to be blind, what it's like to be married to a visually disabled person, and what Get 2 Work is doing to help the blind fight 74% unemployment.

We've never done an AMA event before and it was so interesting. Being able to connect with everyone and explain what we're trying to do was incredible. We had alot of traffic and everyone is starting to spread the word.

Here's one of the questions we answered:


What kind of support have you received from friends and families in your community?


The support we've received from them has been overwhelming. Immediately, Area51 Filmgroup jumped on board and has been a great help not only with the videos, but to help with the guidance of the project as a whole. We had a small "focus group" that consisted of all age ranges, sighted and not, to give us feedback on our project for a month before we launched. We also had a pizza franchise that wanted to be in our video but it was too late to work them in. We've had CEOs give us feedback. We've had people we know jump on and pledge to our Kickstarter. We've had musicians support us and we've had strangers support us. Feeling the support of friends, family, and the general public has been fantastic.

Bob also answers questions about what his eyesight is like. Karina answers questions about what life is like living with someone who's visually disabled. We both talk about what Get 2 Work is doing to help the blind community and of course we discuss our Kickstarter campaign.

You will be able to ask questions for 6 more days so if there's anything you want to know now's the time. There were some great questions asked so make sure you go check it out.

You can see it here:

Check Out Our AMA Event Here!

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