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Get 2 Work Launches to Help the Visually Disabled

We are Bob and Karina Matuszak, founders of Get 2 Work. We are working hard to provide an extra source of independence for the visually disabled community. Because the blind suffer 74% unemployment, we are working to provide them with franchises. We are striving to give the blind an extra choice in their employment situation, so that they can create a successful path to independence.

Learn More About Get 2 Work

We currently have franchises that are interested in working with blind entrepreneurs. We also have blind entrepreneurs that want to run franchises. We are working to raise funds to accomplish this goal. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign which will raise money for professional marketing videos. We will use these videos to approach large corporations and the general public, so that we can begin our first blind owned franchise. You can see more about the Kickstarter Campaign here.

Check Out Our Kickstarter Campaign

One of the most exciting things about Get 2 Work is it's Give Back program. We will require each franchise to "Give Back" a portion of it's profits. Over time, we expect to be self-sufficient, and should be able to create franchises without the need for donations. We are business people, and it's important that we are able to survive on our own.

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